Unlock The Secrets to a Calm and Healthy Menopause

A Holistic Approach to Wellbeing in Menopause and Beyond is Essential. Discover How to Blend Mind Body and Soul to Navigate Menopause.

When you hit Perimenopause a whole host of things start happening to your body (maybe you noticed that already). It can feel like you are losing control and are at the mercy of your genes when it comes to how you'll cope. The list of potential symptoms seems endless and often very scary.

You may have already got restless nights, hot flashes, sudden weight gain, low energy to name a few. It can be incredibly frustrating. Many women find solice in HRT and other treatments.

But it's not the only way...

Exercise, nutrition and looking after general health  will help tremendously but not neccessarily in the same way you are used to.

There are foods you need to eat more of, and some you need to avoid like the plague.

The same with exercise - there are very specific exercises that are probably causing the reverse effect

Luckily we have your back. With both certfied nutritionists and exercise specialists in Menopause we have crafted the perfect Menopause Welbeing Program that will help you with many of the symptoms you have been experiencing including poor sleep, weight gain, brain fog anf lack of energy.

We've run this to many women both in our 30 day bootcamps and online.

Introducing - The Zenopause Wellbing in Menopause Program

  • Finally understand what happens to you in Menopause and why your body and mind changes (and how to aleviate symptoms)
  • The three critical areas you must focus on to improve Menopause Symptoms
  • How to get better sleep so you feel more energized, ready to tackle anything
  • Improve mood and sense of calm with these crucial actions
  • Bring back your libido
  • Find out the exercise you can do and which ones you should avoid like the plague
  • Finally beat the mindset demons that keep you from making progress
  • Claim your life back and enjoy your 40's, 50's and beyond with vigor and vitality

I was struggling with looking at myself in the mirror and decided I needed help. This program was easy to follow. When I took my "after" picture after 4 weeks, I was shocked and amazed at how much I lost.  I have a great understanding of what to eat and how to exercise for me so feel confident I can maintain this forever. I am so much happier, more energetic and I just smile more.

Sam - 4 Weeks 

What's included in The Course

This limited time bundle includes all the courses in the Zenopause Library including:

✔️ Weight Loss in Menopause Course (£32 Value)
✔️ Mindset in Menopause with Pete Cohen (£19 Value)
✔️ Wellbeing in Menopause (£67 Value)
✔️ Blood Sugar Challenge (£18 Value)

Total Value £136 - Yours for just £24

Total Value - £136
Your 50% Off Limited Time Price For Everything - £24


One off payment. Limited time offer.

Helen - 50

Some of our results...

Jessica Neville - Founder

Jessica has a wealth of experience and insight into what obstacles women are facing daily.

With a supportive and nuturing approach, Jessica is an inspiration to anyone looking to reach their full potential, to gain back control and to put into practice sustainable healthy habits which will last a lifetime.

The Zenopause Courses are created by Jessica and her team at Nutrition Effect. She has extensive experience coaching women through perimenopause, into menopause and beyond. 

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Who is this for?

This program is for women who are in perimenopause or menopause (or think they might be). You are frustrated with the symptoms related to menopause and you want to do something about it. We share with you the steps to take to take back control of your life and body. 

What is the Zenopause course?

This is a mini course designed to be quick and simple to follow. In it you will learn about menopause and how you can manage the symptoms. There is a focus on weight loss since many women report this being one of the main frustrations having gained belly fat. 

How will this course help me?

You'll understand what is happening to your body and why. You'll discover the nutrients you should include and which to avoid and you'll have a good idea of what exercises you should do an avoid. 

What is included?

You get our training on weight management in menopause.
The mindset course from Pete Cohen
The Blood Sugar challenge and the Wellbeing course.

How long will it take?

The main part of the course is around a hour long. The meal planning and exercise parts will be ongoing for you and will depend on how much you commit to them. For example, you could exercise for 3 hours a week or 1 hour a week. Results will vary. 

How do I access the course?

Once you buy, you are sent logins to access the course. You can use your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Do I need any special equipment?

No. You don't even need a gym membership. But you can incorporate our advice into your own weekly habits such as going to the gym for example.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. There is a 30 day money back guarantee. If you want your money back for any reason let us know within 30 days. There are no caveats or conditions.